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Boosting performance and concurrency in Python

Python provides a base socket server that got no concurrency support by default, which can be used to create any server including HTTPServer or WSGI applications servers like the wsgiref. You can plugin concurrency support using ThreadingMixIn or ForkingMixIn  this would allow our pure-python server to handle multiple requests by forking another process or starting a new thread while the main thread in the main process keeps accepting requests.
In this post I'm going to introduce my own PooledProcessMixIn and its features over other solutions.
The concept of Pool I've taken a look at the code of those Mix-Ins and found serious performance issue with it as they allocate a new process or new thread each time a request comes to the server. Beside delaying the response waiting for the allocation, it's an open-ended approach (no re-using of those threads or processes). The pool approach is to allocate a number of threads or fork a number of processes at server initialization t…