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Be aware! Docker is a trap.

UPDATE: docker inc. addressed those concerns by donating its runtime to Cloud Native Computing Foundation  (CNCF) and by making moby a community project.

Yes, I'm  claiming that Docker is just a hyped vendor lock-in. Don't get me wrong, Linux containers, micro-services, DevOPs,... are all very cool and they are cool for a reason. On the other hand docker is just an overrated vendor lock-in.

Linux containers is a new term for old technologies like namespace and control groups, used in production maybe for more than a decade.

LXC is one way to access those kernel feature in a boring way. OpenVZ and the newly hyped LXD is virtualization hypervisor based on Linux containers. SystemD do use containers for all of spawned services and can be used to spawn containers (using nspawn). In other words Docker did not invent containers.

I was warned about that more than a year ago but then it was not that obvious.

What's wrong with docker? So many things! At every single level! But the r…