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playing with "unc" the unprivileged user containers

If you are familiar with docker then you are going to love this little hack. UNC is a tool to demonstrate how to launch containers without being root.

Getting the code and compiling it git clone
cd unc
mkdir -p gopath/src/
ln -s ../.. gopath/src/unc
export GOPATH=$PWD/gopath
cd gopath/src/unc
go get
go build
cd unet
go build
cd ..
sudo cp unc unet/unet /usr/local/bin/
sudo chmod u+s /usr/local/bin/unet

What is SetUID for? "unet" is a tool used "unc" that creates veth pairs and assign one of them to container. Root user (via setuid) is needed to be able to assign a network interface for the user container.

Creating some minimal root filesystems sudo dnf install busybox # as regular unprivileged user type mkdir -p roots/busybox1/{bin,sbin,proc,dev,etc} cp /sbin/busybox roots/busybox1/sbin/ echo "root:x:0:0:root:/root:/bin/bash" > roots/busybox1/etc/passwd echo "root:x:0:" > roots/busybox1/etc/gr…