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Bootstrapping Alpine Linux QCow2 image

IntroductionAlpine Linux is a minimal distro with package manager (APK) that is based on busybox and musl library. Like the CirrOS, it's very lightweight, but unlike it, it's full featured. In case you don't know me, my Linux distro of choice is Fedora/CentOS, in this post I'm going to bootstrap a QCow2 cloud image of Alpine Linux on my distro of choice.

Using docker to bootstrap a working chroot Type mkdir alpine35-root docker run --rm -ti -v $PWD/alpine35-root:/data alpine:3.5 apk --arch x86_64 -X -U --allow-untrusted --root /data --initdb add alpine-base 
and you should get a line like this
OK: 6 MiB in 16 packages
so now we have a working alpine chroot in the directory alpine35-root
Creating Bootable QCoW2 Image Because I don't want to format my hard disk by mistake and because I know Murphy's law, I'll take those 6MB as tarball and continue on a VM.
dd if=/dev/zero of=alpine.raw bs=1M seek=511 count=1 dd if=…